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2024 Partners


Join us as Partner ?

Sponsor APIS 2024, the premier procurement and supply chain event in APAC, to elevate your brand recognition, expand your network, and position yourself as an industry leader. Benefit from increased visibility, networking opportunities with key stakeholders, thought leadership exposure, CSR impact, and valuable market intelligence. Showcase your expertise, connect with industry leaders, and contribute to shaping the future of procurement and supply chain practices. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge and make a lasting impact in the industry.


  1. Access to Exclusive Data: Partners may gain access to exclusive data, research reports, and market insights shared during the conference, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of market trends.

  2. Customized Engagement: APIS2024 partners may have the opportunity for customized engagement, such as hosting dedicated workshops, roundtable discussions, or breakout sessions tailored to their specific interests and objectives.

  3. Recruitment Opportunities: Partners can leverage the conference as a platform to recruit top talent in the financial services sector, with access to a pool of qualified professionals attending the event.

  4. Showcasing Innovations: Partners can showcase their latest products, services, and innovations to a captive audience, demonstrating their commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the financial services industry.

  5. Influence Policy Discussions: Partners may have the chance to influence policy discussions and regulatory frameworks shaping the future of the financial services industry, through participation in policy forums and advocacy initiatives organized during the conference.

  6. Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility: Partnering with APIS2024 allows organizations to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility by supporting initiatives aimed at advancing the financial ecosystem, promoting financial inclusion, and driving sustainable growth.

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